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Our Products

Made of the highest quality cardboard.

Multi-color printed packaging in digital technology

Corrugated cardboard packaging with digital printing are packages printed using digital printers. Corrugated cardboard is a popular packaging material due to its durability and lightness, as well as ease of forming and printing. Digital printing involves the direct printing of images or text on the package using a digital printer with special inks. Corrugated cardboard packaging with digital printing is particularly popular due to the high quality of print and the ability to quickly and flexibly print even small quantities. They are also valued for their environmental friendliness, as digital printing allows for paper savings and reduced use of chemicals compared to offset printing.

Flap packaging made of corrugated cardboard

Flap packaging made of corrugated cardboard is the perfect solution for companies looking for durable and aesthetic packaging for their products. Corrugated cardboard is a light and strong material, and its flexibility allows for easy forming into various shapes and sizes. Flap packaging made of corrugated cardboard is particularly useful for storing and transporting products of regular shapes, such as cosmetics, electronics, or office supplies. Their flap construction allows for easy opening and closing of the package, as well as easy inspection of the contents. Flap packaging made of corrugated cardboard is also environmentally friendly and can be recycled or produced from recycled materials.

Laminated packaging with the highest quality offset printing

Corrugated cardboard packaging with offset printing is the ideal solution for companies that want to stand out their products in the market. Thanks to high-quality offset printing, the prints on the packaging are clear and durable, which allows for effective communication of product information and brand building. Corrugated cardboard is a light, but sturdy material, which is perfect as packaging for many different products. It is also eco-friendly, as it can be recycled. Packaging made of corrugated cardboard with offset printing is therefore an excellent choice for companies that care about their image and want to contribute to environmental protection.


Die-cut packaging made of corrugated cardboard are flexible and durable packages, which are perfect for packing a variety of products. They are made of high-quality corrugated cardboard, making them very resistant to damage and allowing for safe transportation of goods. Die-cut packaging made of corrugated cardboard are available in various sizes and shapes, allowing them to be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. It is also possible to order packaging with a company logo or other advertising print, which allows for differentiation from the competition and increasing brand recognition.

Die-cut packaging with flexographic printing technology

Standard flexo printing involves direct printing with a flexible plate onto an absorbent substrate such as cardboard, both white-coated and brown. We have two rotary die-cutters with the ability to print in flexographic technology.

Packaging for the transport of hazardous materials with UN certification

Corrugated cardboard packaging with UN certification are packages that meet the United Nations (UN) requirements for the safe transport of hazardous goods. Corrugated cardboard is a durable and lightweight packaging material, which is often chosen for the transport of various types of goods, including hazardous ones. Packaging made of corrugated cardboard with UN certification is specially designed and produced to meet the safety requirements for the transport of hazardous goods. The UN certificate is granted by a special UN unit dealing with the transport of hazardous goods and requires that packaging meets a number of safety requirements, such as resistance to damage, leak-proofness, and stability during transport. Packaging made of corrugated cardboard with UN certification is widely used in international transports and is considered one of the safest packaging options for the transport of hazardous goods.

E-commerce packaging

Our e-commerce packaging is available in different shapes, allowing you to tailor them to the individual needs of your business. Whether you need square or rectangular packaging, we have something for you. Our packaging is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, which provides adequate protection against mechanical damage and contamination during transport. They are also aesthetic and attractive to customers, which will help you present your brand in a professional way. Moreover, our packaging is environmentally friendly and made from materials that can be reused or recycled. We are proud of our commitment to environmental protection and providing packaging that is both practical and ecological.

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